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History of Herceg Ethno Village in Medjugorje

Ethno Village was opened in 2008, but the development of the idea was a long and gradual process. Herceg gives witness to a bygone time captured in the rugged land of Herzegovina. In this way it captures the culture of living on this scanty rugged land. The village itself grew out of stone and was built with stone. It is located just a few kilometres from the famous shrine of Medjugorje (on the crossroads of Čitluk, Medjugorje and Ljubuški) and with every right it can be called a miracle of Herzegovina. Herceg is a timeless place, a place where one can escape from the present time and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a place where we go back to our roots, admiring life as it was in olden days, a life so simple and unique. It is truly an amazing place where we can recharge our batteries which is good for body and soul.

It took a lot of courage, patience and skills to recreate and restore the authentic Herzegovinian houses and their ethnographic, historical and architectural value. In a special we also tried not to alter the land but wanted to protect and keep the beauty of the environment especially as we were focusing on keeping everything as authentic as before, preserving the beauty of the environment. So the entire village was constructed with respect towards nature and the environment. The final goal was to recreate a Herzegovinian village as it was hundred of years ago but striving to bring it into the present time. The climate here is mild. The summer heat weakens in the evening because of a light breeze. In winter there are a lot of sunny days and in autumn the vibrant colours of yellow, orange and red are in abundance.