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Chapel in Herceg Ethno Village in Medjugorje

Throughout the centuries the people of this region have withstood the ravages of time, weather and history. From the faces of the people we see their strength which has been won from their dealings with a harsh climate and unyielding land which they have been coaxing to bear fruit. The people have kept throughout all time their Traditions, Culture and Faith the centre of which is the Rosary. Acknowledging the spirituality of the people is the Votive Chapel.

The Chapel overlooks the Village, which is a perfect place from which to see the world. It’s a perfect place to get to know oneself and to get to know other people, to learn about culture and tradition and in this way to participate in community life. Chapel is a place one starts from and always returns to. As it has always been a place where people meet, and so is this Votive chapel, a place one happily comes to.

The same today as then the Chapel is the centre of life, the meeting point where Villagers gather to celebrate successful sowing, harvest time, an engagement and wedding or gather for a funeral. The Chapel represents a return to the spiritual life, the preserving of tradition, the cherishing of culture and learning.